At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG announced some ambitious targets, saying “By the end of 2021, we aim to have a total of one million electrified vehicles on the roads.”

Zipse added to this impressive goal, by saying “We are already right at the forefront of electro-mobility. No manufacturer has delivered more electrified cars to customers in Germany so far this year than the BMW Group. In Norway, three out of every four new BMW Group vehicles sold have an electrified drive train.”

This announcement comes after Zipse’s recent decision to significantly increase the tempo of BMW’s electro-mobility expansion: The 25 electrified models previously announced for 2025 will now be available two years earlier, in 2023. More than half of these 25 models will be fully electric.


Image of the BMW Corporate Headquarters Building

Looking ahead to the next decade, Zipse expects electro mobility to develop at different rates around the world – due to the differences in infrastructure, customer driving profiles and political frameworks.

“The BMW Group is a global company. We will be able to offer our customers all relevant drive technologies: our conventional engines with benchmark efficiency, battery-electric drive trains, plug-in hybrids and, in the future, hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles,” Zipse continued. “This puts us in a very strong strategic position to tackle the challenges of future mobility and climate change.”

According to BMW Group forecasts, customer demand should ensure that over 50 percent of new vehicle registrations in China’s premium segment will be pure battery-electric vehicles (BEV) in 2030. The figure for Europe will be only about half that number. The US, the world’s second largest vehicle market, will be at about the same level as Europe.


The BMW Group believes that electro-mobility can make a key contribution to climate protection and that the customer will play a decisive role in this; this being because technology can only have a real impact if customers want it and use it.

“We aim to reduce emissions significantly. To realize this, we must concentrate on areas where we can achieve the greatest impact. We are therefore focusing on the question: Which drive trains, technologies and services will our customers want in the future? And how can we achieve the best outcome for climate protection? One thing is clear: We are committed to the Paris Climate Agreement.”

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